Maya Burke, 22, finds a journal that sends her on a spiritual quest.

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“Every once in a while an important novel crosses my desk. Waking Maya is Important with a capital I. Reading it triggers knowledge you hold within yourself, it resonates with the truths buried deep inside, and awakens parts of you by allowing you to remember that you already knew all of this. If I could put one book in the hands of everyone today, this would be the book.” – Winner of Book of the Month

“Mind-bending, visionary, uniquely satisfying.” The Iowa Source

A groundbreaking experiment in consciousness-oriented fiction. And a serious page-turner.”  Adam Elenbaas, author of Fishers of Men, The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision

A fascinating premise, and the author really knows his subject.”  St. Martin’s Press

“Goldie is an excellent writer.” Bob Friedman, Hampton Roads Publishing, publishers of Conversations With God

“The best fiction that has come into this office.” Paraview Press

On the leading edge into new realms of understanding.”  Robert F. Butts, co-author of Seth Speaks

Waking Maya is a carefully plotted mystery, psychological study and a work of metaphysical exploration. Goldie is a sensitive and illuminating writer. But what was of most interest to me finally was the metaphysical exploration of a non-local world in which energy circulates, connecting and causing events … and those with sufficient extrasensory powers can read and influence cultural happenings. This comes vividly alive in this gripping novel.”  Drew Leder, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Loyola University

A deeply moving vision … an amazing synthesis of ideas and theories in an engaging thriller … lovely and captivating.” Amazon Reader Reviews

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About Waking Maya

Millions of people worldwide are fascinated by practical metaphysics such as The Law of Attraction, which posits that focused thought and intention can influence our lives and “create” events.

Waking Maya explores these wisdom teachings as they relate not only to personal but to cultural change, showing how beliefs held by groups of people can bring on transformative cultural change. Examples include the rise of the global village, the rapid spread of democracy, historical surges such as the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, and the rapid growth of religions and spiritual belief systems.

These may not be chance paradigm shifts, but rather, directed changes that arise from humanity’s collective mind as it finds new ways to discover and explore its potentials.

Waking Maya is the story of a young woman’s search for her personal history. On her journey, Maya learns about  the layers of the world’s inner workings in the context of a heartfelt search for meaning and identity.

Waking Maya has the power to open up new ways of thinking about life, as its story unfolds in a page-turning adventure. Waking Maya will appeal to seekers, including those interested in Eckhart Tolle, the Seth Material, A Course in Miracles, the Secret, and other paradigm shifting teachings. As you read, its thrilling story will open your eyes, mind and heart to a different kind of vision and the potential for healing change.

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